ATTITUDE: 99% of Success

I've compiled some key points that may assist you in making your final decision to hire Wagner Design and Construction, LLC.

·       Communication- Our foundation of a successful renovation is understanding what works best for our client. We always strive to communicate clearly with our clients about design, materials, specifications, schedules, codes, and progress. We are available for calls, emails and instant messaging at your convenience.

·       Integrity- We believe in honesty, diligence and reliability, with a firm adherence to a code of moral and artistic values.

·       Craftsmanship- Our experience gives us the ability to accurately measure your project needs. Our design quality and construction details demonstrate our professional aptitude. 

·       Sustainability- Wagner Design & Construction promotes environmental sensibility by leaving a small carbon footprint. Our practice is to use fuel-efficient vehicles, to repurpose materials, and to cut down on waste with accurate estimates.

I look forward to working with you on your project, and to our ongoing business relationship.




Teague Wagner
Custom built dog gate

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